Beyond Her Lens(3)

Boluwatife Makinde downed a glass of water and adjusted her weight on the swing; she would never outgrow this past time even when she’d be old and grey. The skies above her were decorated with golden parches as the sun set in the distance; closing her eyes, she allowed the evening breeze caress her face.…… Continue reading Beyond Her Lens(3)

Beyond Her Lens (2)

Happy new week friends! Thanks so much for the love on the first episode. God bless you! In case you missed it, here’s the link: The story continues: “Osemudiahmen, Osemudiahmen, Osemudiahmen I  don talk my own oo. Na with one eye pikin dey no wetin im mama dey talk. God no say I don try…… Continue reading Beyond Her Lens (2)

Beyond Her Lens (1)

First of all, Happy New Month! It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? Hahaha Well, the Lord is making it up to us with this series. Here is the first episode. Read and be blessed! Anita struggled to stay alert but all efforts proved futile. With each passing second, her eyelids kept drooping. She wished she…… Continue reading Beyond Her Lens (1)


I’d always enjoyed long walks with Laide. It was the spice of our friendship; we’d often stretch our legs as the sun set over the campus community.  As seconds ticked by and  minutes strolled into hours, we’d speak just about anything and everything. Sometimes we’d sit in silence taking in the cool evening breeze enjoying…… Continue reading FOREVER

Medi-tales 2

Hello there, here’s the concluding part of this series.. Just in case you missed Part 1: “Feyi, Feyi ..” a familiar voice called out, “Thank God you’re OK” I stirred and gradually opened my eyes to scan the environment. The pungent smell of drugs and antiseptic which was nauseating made me sit up. I…… Continue reading Medi-tales 2


“Dr Feyi, I need you to set a line ASAP for this patient. However, what’s your diagnosis and differentials?” the resident on call asked me while sipping a can of malt, clad in a pair of jean and a navy blue T-shirt. For a split second,  I wanted to slap the smirk off her lips…… Continue reading Medi-tales


The air above Gregory’s field was humid as darkness gradually crept over the skies, groans and moans enveloping the atmosphere. ‘G’s field’ as it was popularly called, was a wide expanse of land directly opposite St Gregory hall strategically located in the heart of campus. With the cool ambience the tall and sturdy palm trees and coconut trees which were scattered across its lawn provided, it was the desired site for picnics, get-together s and other social functions. However, at night it was a sacred ground for prayers but this particular evening as Dave knelt, he was unable to say anything……..

New Beginnings

Where exactly do I start? Happy 2020! Happy February! It’s been ages, I know. Many waters have passed under the bridge and life happened but one thing which was constant was Father’s love and soothing presence. You know it’s where our toiling, struggling and striving ends that’s where His love begins. When we choose to…… Continue reading New Beginnings

MWW: Since Your Love by U.P(United Pursuit)   Hey there, how’s your week going? Fine I hope and looking forward to the weekend right 😉 The Lord is your strength, it’s just one more day to go. Apologies if I haven’t been sharing worship as often as I should. I hope to be more consistent with this. Worship this week is…… Continue reading MWW: Since Your Love by U.P(United Pursuit)

“As We Forgive Those……”6

It had been five weeks since he had opened his eyes but it felt like an eternity to Ken. Every day was torture, the horrible meals, the bitter medications, the pain he felt every night, the constant throbbing in his head, the long and exhausting sessions with the psychologist. He felt so helpless and lost…… Continue reading “As We Forgive Those……”6