I’d always enjoyed long walks with Laide. It was the spice of our friendship; we’d often stretch our legs as the sun set over the campus community.  As seconds ticked by and  minutes strolled into hours, we’d speak just about anything and everything. Sometimes we’d sit in silence taking in the cool evening breeze enjoying…… Continue reading FOREVER

MWW: Since Your Love by U.P(United Pursuit)   Hey there, how’s your week going? Fine I hope and looking forward to the weekend right 😉 The Lord is your strength, it’s just one more day to go. Apologies if I haven’t been sharing worship as often as I should. I hope to be more consistent with this. Worship this week is…… Continue reading MWW: Since Your Love by U.P(United Pursuit)

“As We Forgive Those……”6

It had been five weeks since he had opened his eyes but it felt like an eternity to Ken. Every day was torture, the horrible meals, the bitter medications, the pain he felt every night, the constant throbbing in his head, the long and exhausting sessions with the psychologist. He felt so helpless and lost…… Continue reading “As We Forgive Those……”6

“As We Forgive those…..”5

Rtd.Col Gregory Jones was worried about his daughter, his adopted daughter Clara. He had never seen her upset since the early days. Those were the days, he smiled reminiscing quietly, he was still getting grips on his new faith, being a husband and a father, but the father part was something he and Lily were…… Continue reading “As We Forgive those…..”5

As we forgive those…… 4

Where am I? “Mr. Johnson?”  looking around, Ken tried to concentrate but it was difficult. He was in a room, definitely in a hospital. “Can you hear me?” and he focused his gaze on the eyes behind the pair of spectacles looking at him with concern. They belonged to a young man in a white…… Continue reading As we forgive those…… 4

“As we forgive those….”3

Lights, bright lights shone all around him. He tried to focus but it was hard. All his senses called for his attention as pain shot through him. He could hear voices and felt himself being wheeled. “What have we got?” “Man versus truck. Major head trauma, some broken ribs and a fractured limb” “Any I.D?”…… Continue reading “As we forgive those….”3

“As we forgive those…”2

Hello guys! So sorry this post is coming now, had to put some touches to it.. Have a blessed weekend! “the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away” As weeks rolled into months, Ken couldn’t believe Clara was gone. No, not just Clara. Clara and his unborn child. His dreams of fatherhood and a…… Continue reading “As we forgive those…”2